Griller Z Characters

Changes are inevitable, but Griller is getting close.  The core game system is finally ready, and we’re just tweeking and polishing now.  In the coming weeks a comprehensive video review of how to play Griller Z will be hitting the webz.  For now here’s a little taste of the latest card action!

First up are a few character cards!  Every character card is 100% unique with stylized art of the character on both the front and back of the card.  Every character has a passive pool of 4 skill points that dictate how they start the game.  These points can be allocated in BURN or ROT, SKILL(et) & MUNCH  Humans typically cook with BURN and Zombies generally cook with ROT.  We don’t discriminate however, go ahead with your bad Zombie food human Grill Master self!

character_back_01 character_frnt_01

First up is Shirly Shish-Kabob.  She means business, and is one of the most skilled characters in all of Griller Z.  SKILL(et) does a lot of different cool things we’ll talk about soon.  As a tease, consider her one of the better characters for sabotaging others, and cooking up orders with precision.

character_back_02 character_frnt_02

Ricky is a brute of a cook.  With 3 passive ROT right out of the gate, this boy is going to stink up the grill very quickly.  Look for him to infect a lot of food very fast.  With no passive SKILL(et) to protect him, he may be an easy target for sabotage.

So short, but hopefully sweet!  That’s just the way Ricky likes his rotten hotdogs.  We wouldn’t want to spoil (pun intended) too much just yet, but more will be trickling out in the coming days.