Welcome to Flux Six Studios

Welcome to Flex 6 Studios. Over the past 5 years, we’ve changed our name a few times, and released a few duds, but at long last the name is finalized, and the products are better than ever.

Flex 6 Studios currently has 2 Games under it’s banner:

Hero DropHero Drop (iOS & Android) – Jump, slide and drop into an exciting new world filled with challenging obstacles and adorable critters. Move ever deeper in and out of 8 classic worlds as you race to the finish. Try to collect as many critters as possible before time runs out! Check it out on the Google Play store & the Apple Appstore.


Griller Z

Griller Z (Board Game Version) – Ack! Another Zombie infestation. Birds… (shrug)… or something, spread the disease and it’s bad. For really real bad! These Zombie’s are hungry and ready to eat brai… braised beef!!!  Gather your friends and head to the back yard for the grilling battle to save humanity. Play as either a zombie or a human in this EPIC grilling masterpiece. Griller Z is available for purchase at TheGameCrafter.com. Check back soon for more information.